A Brief Look at Letter Art Photography

Posted by Letter Art Photography on 11:18 AM, 26-Sep-15

People who are familiar with the whole concept of alphabet photography will usually give credit to a Canadian woman named Jennifer Blakeley since she was the one who started all of this – or at the very least put alphabet photography on the map. Photography has always been full of several different creative processes, but this one is perhaps the most unique of them all since it practically involves taking photos of various objects that look similar to the letters of the English alphabet. These photos are then arranged to form a word or to spell out someone’s name.
Letter art photography was inspired by Stephen Johnson’s book “Alphabet City “– a children’s book that contained photos of everyday objects which had similarities to different letters of the alphabet. Blakeley would use this inspiration while travelling all across Canada as she went and took several hundred photos of different objects in their natural surroundings. Trees, bridges and even a person’s arm resting on a park bench would all become subjects for Jennifer Blakeley’s brainchild.

The photos that she took would become so popular that it would eventually turn into a successful online business for her. Alphabet photography had now been introduced to the masses and it would not be long before Hollywood would take notice of it, thus making it into an interior décor craze. Thanks to this newfound exposure, letter art had now become a household name and soon enough even some world famous celebrities were starting to get into it as well.

Rachael Ray, Ryan Seacrest, Oprah, and Martha Stewart had become such huge fans of alphabet photography and they were practically endorsing and promoting it every chance they got. Oprah was perhaps the most vocal of all of them because she normally complemented this pretty unique concept and even gave it some exposure during an episode of her show. Letter art photography has now become a staple part of pop culture and modern day society in general. If you are a fan of decorating your home in such a unique way, then this is one thing that you should definitely try to do.